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World Fountain

Since 1983, the Weltkugelbrunnen or World Fountain has provided a refreshing addition to the City West district and forms the centre of a sunken square along the south-east edge of the Breitscheidplatz directly in front of the Europa Center. It is a popular meeting place for Berlin's many street artists and entertainers including acrobats and pantomime actors to portrait artists.

Loving known by the locals as the Wasserklops or water ball, this hemispherical fountain made of red granite and bronze captivates onlookers with its figures, stairs, geometric shapes and carvings, especially when the water is allowed to flow over it and collect in the basin at its foot.

The fountain was designed by Professor Joachim Schmettaus and constructed as part of the architectural redevelopment of Breitscheidplatz between 1982 and 1984. The redevelopment of Breitscheidplatz, based on designs from architects Ivan Krustik and Oskar Reith, involved the breaking of road connections between Kurfürstendamm and Budapester Straße (1977-78). Since then, Breitscheidplatz has been a pedestrian zone.