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The Mercedes Star

Its addition has made the Europa Center unmistakable and is the only star visible in Berlin even when it is cloudy; the Mercedes Star on the roof of the Office Tower.

Since turning for the first time in 1965, the star has never been stopped, except for maintenance, and according to Daimler-Chrysler is still the largest star of its type in the world, because even though the star in Hong Kong measures 20 meters, it doesn't rotate.

The star's brilliance comes from its 681 high-voltage, fluorescent tubes, which together with the rest of the construction, have a total weight of 18,000 kg. The star itself ways some 3,000 kg. However, in comparison to most other stars in the sky, it is still quite a light weight. The exterior diameter of the star covers 10 m and it rotates roughly 1.9 times per minute. During storms, the emblem of the Europa Center turns automatically in the wind. The platform on the roof of the Europa Center has been closed to the public since summer 1992.