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The Berlin Wall

"We are the people" – with these words the Wall, which had not only divided Berlin into East and West but the whole of Germany too, was opened on 9th November 1989.

On 1st July 1990, guard duty and all border controls along the Wall were cancelled, but the demolition of the Wall itself had already begun. Berliners smashed out their own personal pieces of history not with wrecking balls and cranes but with many small, hand-held hammers as a symbol of their own freedom. The Wall gradually began to shrink and, as Willy Brandt so rightly put it on the Day of Reunification, the 3rd October 1990,  'what belonged together in the first place was, at last, reunited'.

Two original pieces of Wall have been on permanent display near the Tauentzienstraße entrance of the Europa Center , since 17th March 1990, as part of an anti-fascist exhibition.